Wide shot of a mother, father and their baby sitting on a blanket in the middle of a field
New mom and dad looking at each other during golden hour while dad holds baby
Happy couple holding their two month old baby at a park
New father leaning into new mother's temple while mom holds their baby
Dad kissing Mom's temple while she holds their new baby
Birds-eye-view of new parents, mom holding new baby girl
Close-up of baby holding daddy's finger
Two-month old baby holding her hand up to her face in a "thinking" motion, being held by mommy
Father sweetly and coyly hands baby over to mama
Father holding new baby while leaning into mom, all up against a tree
Overhead shot of two-month old baby girl with a big black bow being held in Mom's arms, laying on her legs
Mom holding baby's head up while she sleeps propped up against mother
Family of three sitting on a blanket at a park


Austin, Texas