hi it's me again

I’ve loved photography for half my life now. I’ve done many different forms of photography and my love for this craft just keeps growing as the years go by. Creative shoots fuel me. My inspiration stems from music and good cinematography.
I love watching a well-crafted vision be brought to life. I love when people decide they want to celebrate themselves. I love when new lives and loves are brought into this world. And I love being a part of it all even more.

my own journey (so far)

I was born and raised down South in Brownsville. As a kid, I had dreams of becoming a waitress, and then a teacher by day and Britney Spears' backup dancer by night, and eventually, an actress. When I turned 13, I was gifted a camera and photography became my hobby (read: taking blurry, overly saturated, overly vignetted "photography" photos for MySpace). After graduating high school, I moved to NYC for theatre school and it was during that time, in my Acting For Film class, that I realized my heart was behind the camera; being part of the crew just felt more exciting to me than acting. Nevertheless, I graduated and worked up there for a while before moving back home. I spent the next couple of years working a minimum wage job and running practice portrait sessions on friends.

And then I decided I was ready for the city again. So come 2019, I booked a position as a full-time newborn and birth photographer at a local hospital, packed my room up and moved to Austin. I was able to work with babies for a full year before COVID hit. And now here I am! A photography businesswoman- something I never thought I would say but just feels right. I have dreams of becoming a cinematographer too but we'll get to that ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I love pouring my heart into it!

To my family and friends who have been there for me and supported me through and through, and to my clients who put their trust in me, thank you. I will forever be thankful for your grace as I step into these big roles.

P.S. To anyone who is inquiring and was hoping to find my Instagram portfolio, it no longer exists. Meta deleted my personal Facebook, business page, personal Instagram, and business Instagram. Feel free to request to view any specific galleries you may want to see in your inquiry form!

Austin, Texas